Hope Found
by Ana Wakefield

E’ry day that I live with myself is a burden.
This life is a war that I lose; I can’t win.
Shackled in chains, I drag through each day.
Truth hurts when you see, so I hide it away.
Expected to function, I must learn to hide.
My pain doesn’t please you, so I lock it inside.
I bury myself to protect my heart.
Fight my battles alone, ‘cause we’re safer apart.

Conclusion is reached - none will understand.
My safety and hope only found in my Friend.

He alone truly hears me and can feel my pain.
He knows that each breath and each step is a strain.
The choice that I make to sit up is a fight.
Finding hope for these moments-in dark, shine the Light.
This friendship I’ve found holds me constant and true.
Why wouldn’t I offer this friendship to you?

Jesus Christ came down to suffer on a tree.
I neglect and mistreat Him; still He pursues me.
Best friendship He’s wanted, now He holds me close.
My weakness is shared, and I live this in hope!

The person I was is a thing of the past.
This Friend, Hope, and Life - forever will last.

We can build now each moment, the good and the ugly.
Pursuing perfection. When I fail, still You want me.
This love without fail - I cannot comprehend.
Thank You for this Hope that I’ve found in You, Friend.
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